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I know I've said it before, but here it is again. Some of the best and most valuable things in my life I have learned from my horse. For ever be the student, when I learned to get past myself, my horse taught me things I never knew I had or was capable of having. Peace was just one. I used to get really bad headaches, actually still do, but the easiest way to get rid of my pain, is go to the farm, hang out in the barn, watch the horses in the field, and just as quick as my headaches come, they go. But that doesn't happen at home, or anywhere else for that matter - just at the farm. No drugs required, just horse peace. Enjoy your peace, appreciate it. ~ Shelley

Even if you have to schedule your time for peace.. I have the tool to help you - plan it in your Horse Savvy Day Planner

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Not sure if this is Horse Savvy or Human Savvy, but either way, no one will ever tailgate these girls!! Too funny!

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When I was growing up, with 2 older brothers, I learned how to do a lot of "Boy Stuff". I can throw a spiral like Warren Moon (or that's what they used to tell me), I can build forts, get a pretty good fire going, and I can ride a motorbike.
But the consistent argument between us always was, and always will be, HORSEPOWER. I heard from them " I don't have to feed my horses, I can put my horses in the garage and leave them for a week, I don't have to clean up after my horses.. and on and on" (while I was rolling my eyes!) They didn't understand the zillion benefits that "We" understand.
So my bros', in simple "Guy Talk" here it is. This is just one reason, or sufficient proof in one example, why your "300 horses under the hood" will NEVER be as good or as fast as the one I ride!! ~ Love your sister Shelley 😉

Share your stories with us! I'm sure some of you had one of "those" siblings too!
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Horse VS Dirtbike

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The Horse Savvy Day Planner is the Ultimate Horse Calendar Planner & Health Care Record System

If you have horses and you enjoy looking at full color all breed horse photos, then you will love the Horse Savvy Day Planner and our other horse related products. Our Horse Calendar gives you the most convenient place to record your horse care information, and all related horse health records. Use our weekly horse planner as a beautiful horse address book or equine journal. It is truly the most comprehensive, usable horse calendar ever made!


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