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2 weeks ago

Horse Savvy

Yay!! We had our first Colt born on Tuesday. Whew, a farm full of fillies would be hard to take! lol

Dont forget to send in your foal pictures to the photo contest! Still accepting entries..

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2 months ago

Horse Savvy

Most of you probably don't know a few things about me and Horse Savvy. So, if you are interested.. read on.. lol

My name is Shelley Lupul (yes Joffrey Lupul is my nephew) I designed Horse Savvy Day Planners back in 2003 when I, as an owner of probably 5 horses at the time was frustrated with forgetting EVERYTHING including my dewormer all the time! So out of a personal need, I made my own planner. But it was so cool to me, I wanted so share it with all horse owners - so voila .. 15 years later, we are still going strong.
I also work with my "boyfriend" - and at my age that sounds like such a silly word.. lol We breed thoroughbred race horses here in Alberta. Farm is called Esquirol Farms.
Check it out! Www.esquirolfarms.ca
So any pics you see with Esquirol on them are of the babies and horses we have & pics taken by me.
I also have 4 kids, soo really its like 6 full time jobs - all you moms know what I mean!
Anyway, if you were curious about me.. there it is!
Heres a pic at one of our newest additions.
Have a great day!!
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