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Shelley Lupul Founder of Savvy Systems

Shelley Lupul – Creator, Sales and Marketing

“One Idea… Endless Possibilities… Amazing Results”
It was just an idea.

Celebrating 10 Years in business!!  Thank you for your support!

Over the years I have tried many different styles of home made “horse health care systems”.  Like most of us, I put together a barrage of binders and notebooks to keep my horse records in which still didn’t work because they were too bulky, not convenient and usually got left on the to be filed pile!

So I compacted a few personal needs.  Firstly, to have my personal calendar, agenda, to dos’,  and appointments down on a daily list. Secondly, to be able to plan in advance and know how to plan for my responsibility to maintain my animals health.  Brilliant!  So with my veterinarians’ input and approval along with a few other horsey friends, the first Horse Savvy Day Timer with Equine Health Tracking System was created.  In the beginning, it was just for my personal use, but when I had the format in place that really worked, I realized how valuable it would be, and how beneficial it would be for other horse owners – I wanted to share!

Since that time, I have been the President, CEO and chief order-taker and janitor at Savvy Systems o/a Horse Savvy (a division of SS Pink Inc.) and I love every bit of it!  I get to be at home with my 4 young kids every day, and know I am helping make a difference in the world through supportive and caring people like you!

I appreciate that most of you recognize the extraordinary value in my creation and for that I am very thankful!  Hearing the appreciation expressed from you, my customers, makes it all worthwhile.

Today Savvy Systems includes calendars and products for both the Equine and Canine Industries.  Distributing the Savvy Product lines of Horse Calendars, Dog Calendars, Horse Cards, Barn Boards and Leather Book Covers  through direct sales, pet product distributors, Equine and Canine Foundations, Horse and Dog Rescue Groups, Educational Groups, Federations and more!  These places have allowed Savvy Systems products other horse products, dog products  and gift ideas for Dog and Horse lovers, reach the hands of thousands of people across North America.

My goal for this business is to: benefit, support and teach people to have and maintain optimum equine and canine health and well-being through animal health planning, personal planning and organization.

It may seem like a rather simple concept, but really, it is horse calendars and dog calendars that benefit you and your animals.

Thank you for your interest and support of me in my business, and I wish you all the love and success possible!

Warmest regards,